Original D is the original dispersed phase amalgam, your replacement for Dispersalloy

Mission Statement

Wykle Research is committed to produce the highest quality dental products available and to provide superior service to dental practitioners world-wide in order that they may improve the oral health of people everywhere and, in so doing, to maintain a healthy and prosperous environment for its employees and the community.

Company History

Our company's history started at the very root of what Wykle Research, Inc. represents, a true desire to be the best. Dr. Maurice Weikel, our founder, graduated from dental school in the mid-1940s. While in practice, Dr. Weikel observed that his patient's restorations were failing. First questioning his techniques, then looking at the materials, Dr. Weikel concluded that the continual failure of amalgam restorations was a result of amalgam technology versus his own craftsmanship.

During the next 15 years, Dr. Weikel conducted extensive research into the amalgam world. His efforts were rewarded when he attended the Canadian National Dental Convention in the early 1960s where he was introduced to a new dental alloy. His inquiries led him to Dr. Mahler of the University of Oregon who was studying the same alloy. After further research, Dr. Weikel purchased the manufacturing rights to this alloy, known as Dispersalloy.

Not being a marketer, Dr. Weikel sold the product to Johnson & Johnson in 1974. Within three years, Dispersalloy captured 37% of the alloy market and became the new standard for amalgams.

In 1983, Wykle Research purchased the rights to an amalgam called Phasealloy, owned by Dr. Weikel's son. Later that year, Wykle's amalgam product lines were sold to Composite Alloy Corporation, Van R. In 1985, Composite Alloy Corporation defaulted on their agreement, and Dr. Weikel was back in charge of the amalgam product lines he founded.

Dr. Weikel believed that a small dental manufacturing company's opportunities were unlimited if they could deliver outstanding quality and service. So, characteristic of Dr. Weikel, he chose to change the established way of doing business in the dental field. With this in mind, Dr. Weikel moved the company from San Diego, California, to Carson City, Nevada, and built a facility to fit the needs of Wykle Research. Dr. Weikel's unexpected death came in November, 1991, but his contributions to the dental community, his pioneering spirit and vision lives on today through the efforts of our company and its employees.

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